The Napolillo Family - Person Sheet
The Napolillo Family - Person Sheet
NameThomas Meason
Birth18 Jun 1791, Bullskin ?, Pa.
Deathabt 1864, Dunbar, Pa. or Bullskin Age: 72
BurialFranklin Cem. Dunbar, Pa. ??
OccupationMiner, Laborer
EducationRead will of Major John Meason
FatherMajor John, Meason (Mason) (1753-1805)
MotherHannah Frost (1751-~1839)
Deathabt 1865, Dunbar or Bullskin Age: 70
BurialFranklin Cem. Dunbar, Pa.????
ChildrenGeorge (1815-1879)
 John (~1827-~1900)
 Frances S (ca1820-)
Notes for Thomas Meason
Thomas appears in the 1820 and 1830 Census in Bullskin, Twp. Pa. and in 1840 and 1850 in Dunbar Twp. The age is exactly the same and the children seem to match, also the wife. He inherited 100 acres on Greenlick Run in Bullskin, according to the will of his father, Major John Meason. According to the "Ellis" book a Thomas Meason sold land to the Pershing family around 1840. Why did he end up a miner in Dunbar in 1840? We have been told our Mason Relatives lost land to alcoholism????? Tony Keefer told me that the men who worked at the iron furnace at Mount Vernon, (which is near Greenlick Run, and which was built by Thomas' Uncle Col. Isaac Meason) received part of their pay in whiskey. Thomas probably worked at this Furnace, since he is listed as a laborer in the Census, and maybe this is where he started drinking. The 1860 Census shows Thomas and his wife, Mary A. Living back in Bullskin with a John and Catherine Smith and Family. Their granddaughter,Mahala, age 9, is with them. She also appears in the Dunbar Census with her father, George, taken a couple of weeks earlier. She must have been visiting her Grandparents. Interestingly, they are living near the Pershings in Bullskin. I believe this is the family Thomas sold his land to.
Tony Keefer found death papers for Thomas and Mary A. at the Fayette County Courthouse. He died in 1864 and his estate was worth $300. His wife petitioned and got $125. She died in Aug. 1865 and the rest of the money was used to bury her, buy two tombstones, and pay off bills. The bills went to James A. Miller, my great grandfather and to George Mason, My Gr.Gr. Grandfather.
Donna Buzzelli remembers her Dad, Uncle Jim, talking about Bullskin, but she did not know where that was. Bullskin was the main clue in figuring out if this Thomas was the correct Thomas. She also remembers hearing that someone drank alot and didn't pay his bills. I think this is that someone.
The Torrance book named one child: Thomas but I have found no evidence of this.

in the 1820 census he has 1 male between 5 and 10. This is probably my George and there are two girls 10-15, possibly twin girls (rferring two the newspaper article saying a Mrs. Lowery visiting her ywin sister Miss Meason?????Nevertheless there seems to be 2 girls older than George.
The 1830 census has an elderly man living with them (80-90), maybe the wife’s father, and another son under 5, prob. John; then 0ne female 15-20 andone 20-30., inaddition to the wife. So maybe not twins.

1840 census shows 2 young males 1 (10-15) and 1 (15-20). This is confusing because George would be 25. Females 1 (15-20) and 1 (20-30) and the wife (40-50).

So there are at least 2 boys and 2 girls.
Notes for Mary Ann (Spouse 1)
We do not know Mary Anne's last name. Aunt Margaret said that Thomas' wife was named Hannah Brindle, but the Census and Courthouse papers show that this is not true. Thomas' mother's name was Hannah. As for the Brindle, I have not found that name anywhere as of yet, but I have found the name Grindle in Fayette County. I hope to pursue this.
Mary Anne must have led a rough life. Her hisband lost his land and they moved to Dunbar somewhere between 1830-1840. There is a grave in Franklin Cem. near all of the rest of the Masons and Millers; the stone says Charles Mason, 1832, age 14 ????? (hard to read). I wonder if this is one of her other children? I am trying to figure out who her other children were.
There is a John Mason, age 23, living with Jacob Lowry and his wife Francis,age 27, in Dunbar, in 1850. In 1860, John shows up living with his young family, in Dunbar. Thomas and Mary Anne are back in Bullskin, living with a Smith Family. Their Granddaughter, Mahala, age 9, is with them. I think John and Francis may be Mary Anne's and Thomas' children. I think Thomas either gave or sold his house in Dunbar to John. I need to pursue this. I also know there was at least one other daughter.

Asof 2015, I have found Brindles in Westmoreland Co., but have not wxplored.
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